How to Unlock Crossy Road Secret Characters - All Secret Characters! - The shark (2023)

How to Unlock Crossy Road Secret Characters - All Secret Characters! - The shark (1)

How to Unlock Crossy Road Secret Characters - All Secret Characters! - The shark (2)

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Crucifix Road has many secret characters for a mobile game. Some of these characters are much easier to get than others, and some of them are generated completely randomly. If you want to see how to upgrade all secret characters, this guide can help you.

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How to unlock Crossy Road's secret characters

Crucifix Road might be a fun mobile game, but getting the secret characters without help can be a chore. Fortunately, we have figured out how to unlock all secret characters in the game. Here they are listed in alphabetical order.

  • If:Collect 50 burgers as Rocky (can be multiple times).
  • Andy Summe:Play as Mallard and get at least 85 percent of your current high score.
  • Angler fish:Cross a trench with any sea sign and sink back two logs or a lily pad. Then jump off the stem or lily pad.

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  • Ben Weatherall:Unlock The Dark Lord and play as The Dark Lord and score 85 percent or more than your current high score.
  • Best of Show:Play as any dog ​​character and eat all the dog food you can find (can span multiple runs).
  • Stort fancy gris:Play as Blue and collect five of the floating green and white packs.
  • Bone:Play as a paleontologist and collect fossils of all kinds (head, neck, body, legs and tail).
  • Flashing light:Play as Pac-Chicken, Pinky, Clyde or Inky and let Pac-Man destroy you.
  • Cai Shen:Play as Fortune Chicken, The Three Deities, Fire Monkey, Xi, New Year's Doll, Hot Pot or Chinese Monster and collect 20 Red Envelopes (can span multiple rounds).
  • Katzenfrau:Play any cat except Scaredy Cat and eat nine fish (can be multiple runs).
  • Chinese monster:Catch the Chinese monster while playing as the New Year doll.
  • Choc-Stockente:Play as Jelly Bear in the Jelly Bear level and get at least four Jelly Bears to follow you. Thanks to our reader,EnmadokairosxTsukifor providing this information!
  • Clown:Play as one hand and get about 15-20 coins (may be multiple times).
  • Clyde:Play as Pac-Man and eat seven or more ghosts in one power pellet session.
  • coconut milk:Play as a tourist and collect five coconut waters in one run
  • Crab:During gameplay, swipe left and right about 50 times when entering a new area.
  • dragon rider:Play as the Snow King (from the Pecking Order Challenge) for about 10 rounds.
  • Autumn berries:Play as any Australian character and at some point you'll come across Drop Bear sitting in a tree. Go to the tree and the drop bear will jump on you.
  • cake man:Play as the wolf mascot. As you play, the Gingerbread Man will appear and you have to jump on him.
  • Talented:Play as Festive Chicken until you find a snowy level. Run towards the Christmas tree in the middle of the level to make the presents fly.
  • Halving:Play as any New Zealand character. During the game, you may come across a small golden ring spinning just above the ground. Climb it to collect this. Do this 10 times.
  • Hipster-Wal:If you see a whale swimming in the river instead of on a log, jump on it.
  • Eisberg:Dip all arctic mascots (including the seal) in a river.
  • Colors:Play as Pac-Man and collect 3,000 points in multiple races.
  • Kobold:Play as any mascot from the UK & Ireland update and collect a four-leaf clover.
  • Marathon runners:Play as a cheerleader and jump through a total of 20 human pyramids (can be done in multiple runs).
  • Jam:Play as any character from the Piffle update and collect exactly 1 of each of the 5 different items (Floppy, Donut, Cube, Sock and Ball) in a single run.
  • Matt Halle:Play as Lucky Cat and get at least 85 percent of your current high score.
  • Merlady:Play as any non-ocean character and cross a river completely. Next, jump back two logs and drop the end.
  • Michael Boom:Find a rocket truck (random event) and finish the race by crashing into it.
  • mouthed:Play as one of the space update mascots and get hit by one of the rocks in the meteor shower. Do this several times to get the Moon Rock.
  • Nessie:Play as a character from the UK & Ireland update and be near a river. Pay close attention to Nessie and then jump onto her back.
  • phone box:Play with a British or Irish character until you reach a large open clearing. When you hear a phone ring, follow it to find the red phone box. Approach the booth so it stops ringing. You get the grade when you finish the race.
  • Piffle-Ball:Play as a character from the Piffle update and collect all the different things you can pick up from the ground.
  • Pineapple:Play as a character from the Piffle update and be near an empty lane. When a truck with a pineapple on it appears, collide with it and end your run.
  • Pinkie finger:Play as Pac-Chicken and collect a cherry (very rare).
  • Professional player:Play as any Korean and get a score of around 100 while maintaining an APM (Actions Per Minute) score of around 150-200. To do this, move your character left and right while waiting for an opening.
  • Lila Bloop:Play as Grablin and defeat a character above level 35.

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  • robot dog:Play as any Space Update space mascot and find a yellow duckling alien.
  • Rugby player:Play as a squirrel and collect four nuts, then find a white rugby ball in a tree. Move next to the tree to release the ball.
  • Siegel:Play as a polar bear and complete all five missions to collect terrain debris.
  • spacewalker:Play as any space update mascot and jump on the hipster whale.
  • phone box:Play as any character from Great Britain and Ireland updates until you arrive at a large open clearing. When you hear a phone ring, follow it to a red phone box. Get close to the stand so it stops ringing.
  • The King of All Cosmos:Play as the Prince of All Cosmos and collect items to make the Katamari Ball bigger. Do this over several runs.
  • The Princess of the Entire Cosmos:Play as the Prince of All Cosmos and collect enough items in one playthrough.
  • The Queen of the Entire Cosmos:Play as the King of All Cosmos and turn enough things into rainbows (may be multiple races).
  • Totem:Play as either Ida, the crow or the storyteller. The totem randomly floats down a river and you have to jump on it.
  • Too much candy:Play as any character and jump into a river of chocolate.
  • Waffles:Play as Piffle and find waffles (rare event). Turn to him.
  • Yeti:Play as a character from the 2015 Christmas update and get killed by the Yeti when he throws snowballs.

That's the whole list! You might get grumpy yourself when you get the crab, but keep trying! You have the right to show off in no time.

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(Video) Unlock Ghost Shark Disney Crossy Road Pirates of the Caribbean

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(Video) Disney Crossy Road Secret Characters - Ghost Shark - Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

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    What's the rarest character in Crossy Road? ›

    The Maui's Dolphin mascot is based on the real life Maui's dolphin, only found in the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Maui's dolphin is the world's rarest and smallest subspecies of dolphin, and is critically endangered. Maui's Dolphin is also known as the popoto.

    How do you unlock the goblin shark? ›

    The Goblin Shark is the second L Tier shark unlocked in Hungry Shark World. The large sharks are to be unlocked once you max level up any M Tier shark. The goblin shark is a L Tier shark which has the most health in the L Tier category.

    How do you get big fat pigs in Crossy Road? ›

    How to Obtain. The Big Fat Pig can be unlocked with the Prize Machine for 100 Coins, or you can purchase it for $0.99 or €0,74.

    How do you get blue pigs? ›

    A blue pig is a cross between a white pig and a black pig.In our case we cross a Gloucester Old Spots, a mainly white pig, with a Saddle Back, a mainly black pig. They are not bright blue! they come with all types of markings but typically they are a blue/grey in colour.

    Who is Daddy in Crossy Road? ›

    Daddy is a playable mascot in Crossy Road. It was added in the Easter Update.

    What is the slowest animal in Crossy Road? ›

    Speedy Sloth | Crossy Road Wiki | Fandom.

    What is the smallest character in Crossy Road? ›

    The Flea is the smallest mascot in the game.

    What does the wolf unlock in Crossy Road? ›

    The Wolf is one of the six dog characters in the game. The Wolf can unlock the Gingerbread Man. After playing and dying a few times as the Wolf, the Gingerbread Man will appear. The Wolf must jump onto the Gingerbread Man.

    How do you get the lucky cat in Crossy Road? ›

    You can unlock Lucky Cat with the Prize Machine for 100 Coins, or you can purchase it for $0.99.

    How do you unlock Hungry Shark? ›

    The more you eat, the more you amass growth points, the faster you will unlock the next shark! You can track your progress of unlocking new sharks for coins from the progression bar at the bottom of the Shark Select menu. Growth points also increase the level of your equipped shark.

    How do you unlock zombie shark? ›

    To unlock Zombie Shark, it requires purchasing of both Killer Whale and Dunkleosteus. Once both sharks have reached max level, its cost is 600,000 coins. Otherwise, it can be purchased with 500 gems.

    How do you unlock abyssal shark? ›

    It needs 200 Abyss Runes to be unlocked. Abyss Runes can mostly be found near coral reefs. The Abyssal Shark also has more prominent rune symbols on his body. He also needs 8000 pearls to be purchased.

    How do you unlock Shin Sharkjira? ›

    Once Mecha Sharkjira is owned, Shin Sharkjira can be unlocked for 7,000 Pearls.

    How do you get electro shark? ›

    The Electro Shark can only be viewed when the Top Secret Lab is unlocked with a high score of at least 75,000. It costs 25,000 coins or 250 gems to purchase, making it the cheapest Top-Secret Lab shark.

    How do you unlock a whale shark? ›

    The Whale Shark is unlocked randomly when starting the game upon notification, along with requiring the Star-Horn Coral. It has a 10 % chance of being unlocked after not playing the game for 2 hours. 2 Whale sharks are required to fuse a Whitecheek Shark, along with 100 clams, 50 urchins, 40 crabs and 30 krill.

    Can you get piggy bank Crossy Road? ›

    The Piggy Bank, unlike most mascots, cannot be unlocked through the Prize Machine. It can only be obtained by purchasing it for $3.99, £2.99, or hacking it into the game for free, which rarely happens which is more than any other mascot's cost through coin purchases and in-app purchases as well.

    How do you get Bluey in Crossy Road? ›

    Blue is a playable feline character in Crossy Road, based off Crossy Road Castle. It could be purchased for free after being added in the Apple Arcade Update.

    How rare is pink pig? ›

    It is the most common species in Piggy Planet, even more common than the Green Pig, which is indigenous to Piggy Island. Although they debut in World 1-5 of ABJ, they are most commonly found in World 5.

    Are blue pigs rare? ›

    A Rare Breed of European Origin

    The blue colour is produced by a blend of apparently equal numbers of white and black hairs. So fixed is the type that blue pigs may be found in a litter with blacks or black and whites.

    Can pigs be color blind? ›

    As you can see, pigs fall in the middle. This means that while they are not colorblind, they struggle to see certain color wavelengths. Hogs can detect the color blue but struggle with colors on the green and red spectrum.

    How do you get the devil dad in Crossy Road? ›

    Devil Dad can be unlocked from the Prize Machine for 100 Coins, or you can purchase it for $0.99.

    Is there a Fox in Crossy Road? ›

    The Arctic Fox is a playable mascot in Crossy Road. It was added in the Arctic Update.

    What animal is slow? ›

    Sloths have an extremely low metabolic rate, which means they move at a languid, sluggish pace through the trees. On average, sloths travel 41 yards per day—less than half the length of a football field!

    Is Crossy Road a chicken? ›

    The Chicken is the primary mascot and a playable character part of the Original Cast. It is the default character of the game that the player will receive upon opening the app for the first time.

    Who beat Crossy Road? ›

    The current PC top score is 9699 by Joshua Beesley (UK) on 8 January 2023.

    Can 2 people play Crossy Road? ›

    Crossy Road on Android now has a multiplayer mode that enables up to four people to compete in the Frogger-style arcade action. Like the standard Crossy Road, players need to progress as far as possible to get a high score, but the multiplayer forces you to deal with three of your friends at the same time.

    What is the fastest thing in Crossy Road? ›

    The Fast Tortoise can be unlocked for 100 coins on the Prize Machine or can be purchased for $0.99.

    What does the unlucky cat do in Crossy Road? ›

    During the run, the Unlucky Cat meows randomly as you progress. With Serengeti update, eating goldfish (approx. 25) will earn the Cat Lady.

    What happens if you land on crocodile in Crossy Road? ›

    Crocodiles can be used as logs, by jumping on the back or the tail but if the player jumps onto the head of the crocodile, it will eat them, ending the run.

    What is the secret dinosaur in Crossy Road? ›

    The Bones is a playable mascot in Crossy Road. It was added in the Dinosaur Update.
    To unlock him, the player should follow these steps:
    • Unlock and play as the Paleontologist.
    • Collect fossils of each kind (5 kinds - head, neck, body, leg, tail)
    • Upon death, Bones will be unlocked.

    How do you get a school girl on Crossy Road? ›

    The Schoolgirl can be unlocked from the Prize Machine for 100 Coins, or by purchasing her for $10.99.

    Is there a monkey in Crossy Road? ›

    The Fire Monkey is a playable mascot in Crossy Road that was added in Version 1.4.

    How do you unlock vampires in Crossy Road? ›

    You can unlock the Vampire from the Prize Machine for 100 Coins, or purchase it for $0.99.

    Is ghost shark worth it? ›

    This shark is very special because it is unaffected by all attacks. It can also pass through walls and cages, causing the cages to instantly break. This shark along with Fin, Finn, n Finny are the most expensive special sharks in the game, costing 200,000 coins or 900 gems.

    How do you unlock Tiger Shark? ›

    The Tiger Shark costs 15,000 Coins or 200 gems to unlock in Hungry Shark Evolution. The Tiger Shark is a powerful and durable shark.

    How do you get special sharks? ›

    Special Sharks are sharks you can buy in Hungry Shark Evolution, each being available in the professors lab. There are currently 9 special sharks - they are the Electro Shark, Ice Shark, Robo Shark, Pyro Shark, Wereshark, Ghost Shark, Natasha the Narwhal, Sharkeleon and Fin, Finn n Finny.

    Is A ghost shark Real? ›

    Chimaeras, or ghost sharks, are one of the most elusive fish species in the world, so marine biologists were ecstatic when they spotted a baby ghost shark during a survey of New Zealand's South Island coast.

    What is the scariest real life shark? ›

    1. Jaws: Great White Shark. Great white sharks are scary looking and the most aggressive sharks on Earth.

    Can you eat ghost shark? ›

    Importance to Humans

    The ghost shark is caught commercially along the continental shelf off southern Australia and New Zealand. It is often sold as silver trumpeter or whitefish fillets and used in “fish and chips”.

    Is Sharkjira a Godzilla? ›

    Sharkjira is heavily inspired by Godzilla (also known as Gojira), a famous fictional prehistoric kaiju (monster) first debuted at a 1954 Japanese film that portrayed the horrors of nuclear weapons. Its apperarence is more similar to the Legendary/MonsterVerse Godzilla.

    How to unlock Mecha Sharkjira for free? ›

    You unlock Mecha Sharkjira by collecting 90 schematics from completing Quests. This will unlock Mecha Sharkjira and you can add it to your collection for 6000 pearls. This will allow you to play as Mecha Sharkjira at its normal power level.

    How do you summon a Megalodon? ›

    Any player in the world can add an effigy to the summoning table and, once all four have been added, there needs to be at least 5 pirates assembled to proceed. Once that number has been met, everyone has to play a special shanty "Summon the Megalodon" and the Shrouded Ghost will appear, starting the battle.

    Where do I summon the Megalodon? ›

    Once you have a total of five pirates aboard The Killer Whale, equip your instrument of choice and gather around the Ritual Table. Once everyone is around the Ritual Table, start to play the “Summon the Megalodon” shanty. Continue to play the shanty until you have fully charged the Ritual Table.

    Where do I fight the Megalodon? ›

    Megalodon will only spawn in open water away from land. This means if your ship is too close to an island (uncharted islands, outposts, and forts), then there is no way a meg will spawn. What this means is that players should sail in open water.


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