Sagrada Familia Sito Ufficiale (2023)

1. Sagrada Familia

  • History of the Temple

  • Official website of the Sagrada Família. Official ticket vendors. Your tickets at the best price. No commissions or processing fees.

2. Sagrada Família: Proveïdors oficials d'entrades - Sagrada Familia

  • Web oficial de la Sagrada Família. Proveïdors oficials d'entrades. Les teves entrades al millor preu. Sense comissions ni despeses de gestió.

3. Basilica della Sagrada Familia, di Gaudí. Barcellona -

  • Tel.:+34 932 080 414 Sito web: Activa JS. +−. Leaflet | Map data © OpenStreetMap ...

  • Informati sulla storia e sui dati di contatto della Basilica della Sagrada Familia. Modernismo. Scopri cosa fare a Barcellona |

Basilica della Sagrada Familia, di Gaudí. Barcellona -

4. Sagrada Familia Official Tickets | Sagrada Familia Ticket Booking

  • Being the provider of official Sagrada Famalia tickets, the website Ticket Sagrada Familia, offers you the easiest way to purchase online tickets to the Sagrada ...

  • Buy Official Tickets To the Sagrada Familia And Park Guell. Ticket Sagrada Familia Is Official Seller Of Sagrada Familia Tickets. You Can Find Out How, When, And Where To Book A Ticket To Sagrada Familia From

5. La Sagrada Familia Tickets Online | Tower Access | 2023

  • When purchasing a Sagrada Familia tickets online, this ticket will cost you €31. It is €18 for students, children, pensioners and Youth cardholders, and €16 for ...

  • Buy La Sagrada Familia Tickets at the best price and skip the line entrance to the basilica. Purchase online to get a discount.

La Sagrada Familia Tickets Online | Tower Access | 2023

6. Hotel Sagrada Familia | Barcellona | Web ufficiale

  • Ti proponiamo di soggiornare nelle nostre camere o appartamenti dal design moderno e accogliente e con tutti i comfort accanto alla Sagrada Familia.

  • Ti proponiamo di soggiornare nelle nostre camere o appartamenti dal design moderno e accogliente e con tutti i comfort accanto alla Sagrada Familia. Web ufficiale.

Hotel Sagrada Familia | Barcellona | Web ufficiale

7. Tickets | Sagrada Familia

  • Buy your tickets for the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and live an unforgettable experience immersing yourself in Gaudí's architectural beauty.

8. La Sagrada Familia Barcellona - Biglietti e Orari

  • Sagrada Família - Visita, orari e biglietto · Tickets 'Fast Track' € 33.80 (Prenotare biglietti) · 0-10 anni: ingresso gratuito / 11-30 anni e studenti 31.20 / 65 ...

  • Visitate la Sagrada Familia di Barcellona, la chiesa incompiuta di Gaudí. Qui potete prenotazione i biglietti per La Sagrada Família.

La Sagrada Familia Barcellona - Biglietti e Orari

9. Basilica of la Sagrada Família - Visit Barcelona

  • The Sagrada Família is Antoni Gaudí's best-known work and has become an undisputed symbol of Barcelona. This unique modern temple has been under ...

  • Discover one of the main symbols of Barcelona: the Sagrada Família. This modernista temple is an essential stop during a visit to the city.


How do I skip the line at Sagrada Familia? ›

Best Ways to Skip-the-line at Sagrada Familia
  1. Choose skip-the-line tickets. Skip-the-line tickets to the Sagrada Familia help you avoid the long queues outside the attraction. ...
  2. Buy online tickets. Online tickets usually provide skip-the-line access to Sagrada Familia. ...
  3. Visit early in the morning. ...
  4. Take guided tours.

Can I wear shorts in Sagrada Familia? ›

No really low necklines or see-through clothing. Shorts and skirts must go down to the knee. No beachwear, swimsuits, or flip flops. Don't enter with promotional/political/antagonizing clothing.

Is it worth going up the tower at Sagrada Familia? ›

It is only worth it to visit the Sagrada Familia towers if you're a true fan of Gaudi's work or otherwise intrigued by churches and buildings of this nature.

How many hours do I need in Sagrada Familia? ›

How much time do you need to explore Sagrada Familia? It takes approximately 2 hours to completely explore Sagrada Familia.

Is it worth it to skip the line at Sagrada Familia? ›

Unless your prefer spending many hours waiting in line, it's also advised to buy skip the line tickets as well, or even better: fast track tickets for the Sagrada Familia. To ensure not too many people visit this Gaudi church at the same time, only a limited number of visitors are allowed inside the Sagrada Familia.

Are skip the line tickets in Barcelona worth it? ›

A nice plus is that by pre-booking the tickets you can save money too. Nowadays, some attractions charge an extra fee if you pay at their ticket office. It is €4 extra at Casa Batlló or €3 extra at La Pedrera so it is definitely worth it to plan ahead.

Can you wear jeans in Sagrada Familia? ›

Yes. Jeans are allowed in Sagrada Familia.

Can you wear leggings to Sagrada Familia? ›

As it is a Catholic church, visitors must dress appropriately, following these restrictions: No see-through clothing Tops must cover the shoulders No plunging necklines or exposed backs or bellies Shorts and skirts must come down to at least mid-thigh Visitors will not be allowed to enter with special clothing to ...

Can I wear ripped jeans to basilica? ›

You can wear shorts in the Sistine Chapel as long as they cover your knees. A. Yes, while you can wear jeans to the Vatican, ensure they are basic and without flashy patterns or strategic ripping.

Can you take photos inside Sagrada Familia? ›

If you're a tourist with a regular camera then you will be permitted to take photographs inside the Sagrada Familia. If you're a professional photographer mimicking a tourist you won't be. No professional equipment is allowed inside and media photography is prohibited unless previously authorized.

Is Sagrada Familia better at night? ›

The best time to visit Sagrada Familia for photographs is late afternoon and early evening during golden hour. Light floods through the stained glass windows and the basilica glows.

Is it worth paying for Park Guell? ›

Overall, Park Guell is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in art, architecture, and the beauty of nature. Parts of the park are free to visit and walk in, but the famous Gaudí structures are in the 'monumental zone' and not free.

What if I'm late to Sagrada Familia? ›

If you arrive late, you won't be able to enter. Please be on time. WILL THE SAGRADA FAMÍLIA AND GAUDI HOUSE MUSEUM REFUND OR EXCHANGE TICKETS? As a general rule, no ticket exchanges or returns are allowed.

How long is the wait at Sagrada Familia? ›

Wait Times - What to Expect Sagrada Familia

Given the number of tourists that flock into Sagrada Familia daily, the waiting times at the ticket offices can easily last from 60 minutes to 2 hours.

How long are the queues at Sagrada Familia? ›

The Sagrada Familia opens at 09:00 and at this time queues are likely to be shorter. Although if you arrive during the peak season queues may be a bit longer. You may be interested to book your tickets online in advance that will help you avoid the long entrance queues which can be up to 2 hours during peak season.

What is fast track ticket to Sagrada Familia? ›

To avoid the long entrance queues to the Sagrada Família you can buy online the Fast track tickets. The tickets are recommend for those who want to visit the Sagrada Família main interior space of the basilica and the museum.

Can you get skip the line tickets for St Peter's basilica? ›

NOTE: There are no direct skip-the-line tickets for St. Peter's Basilica and everyone has to go through a mandatory security check which could take up to 3 hours.

How long are lines at La Sagrada Familia? ›

During peak periods (high season weekends, bank holidays, etc.) there's a possibility that after standing 2 hours in the queue for the ticket office you'll get a ticket with the entrance time 3 hours later. Thus your plans for the day may be ruined and you'll be stuck for half the day near Sagrada Familia.

Which station is best for Sagrada Familia? ›

The easiest way to get to the Sagrada Familia is by metro. The Sagrada Familia station, right next to the basilica, is served by lines 2 (purple) and 4 (blue). Alternatively, you can get there by bus getting lines 19, 33, 34, 43, 44, 50, 51, B20 and B24.


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